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I love sharing natural solutions that get real results for people.

My first big ah-ha moment was when I was using Balance and I was so relaxed I had to ask Laurel who I had just met if it was legal 'cause I had never experienced such immediate results! Then when I was overjoyed when I used Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint to deal with my fall & spring seasonal sinus issues (pollen & leaves are rough). Then I found digestzen that helped me with some pretty unpleasant tum tum issues.

I started out casually sharing thinking I might get my oils paid for and quickly realized the immense business opportunity available to me! I had always been In tech because It paid well, but I wanted more and through doterra I could better peoples lives AND make real money AND help others achieve the same time freedom and fulfillment I was getting, WIN-WIN-WIN!

I built to Silver in about 6 months by being a solutions provider & empowering others with proactive healthy habits. Not just selling oils, but actually helping people get the results to their wellness needs that they were looking for and had not been able to find with more traditional methods.

I now offer tech coaching in addition to the wellness coaching we provide here. If you would like to get more tech support head to my group Making Tech Simple📷 Through that I launched my own digital marketing agency The Wellness CRM and teach Wellness Professionals how to thrive in the digital age!


Cosplay Shenanigans!

If you didn't know, I LOVE cosplay aka playing dress up! You will commonly find me with an array of rainbows in my hair and outrageous outfits.

Two of my favorite places to go are the Maryland Rennisance Festival, Huzzah! and Dragon Con

(but this was pic was actually taken at doTERRA Convention)


doTERRA Convention

I love doTERRA Con or Convention as many call it. There is SO MUCH EDUCATION! You learn from scientists, doctors, & researchers and that knowledge is second to none. As a business nerd, I especially appreciate hearing from the founders and executives and having transparency as to doterra supply chain, ethics, & their goals.

Its unlike any MLM/NM company where the only rah rah at convention is the gala and you have to buy a separate ticket to!

Plus its like a family reunion seeing all your doterra peeps you don't see everyday in person. The energy is fantastic.

And yes, I am 100% dressed as SheRa at convention 'cause why not?


Meet my Family

Meet my family!

Eric (hubby on left), Fiona (dog on right), Morgana (dog in middle) & Murphie (wee schnauzer on left also passed away a while back but we are not so great with family photos lol)

A special bonus for me going to convention is taking some time for myself in nature. Moab, UT is full of the most breathtaking views and trails and it really helps ground me and appreciate everything.


Why being an entrepreneur rocks!

doTERRA is just the beginning of what we can create together.

This is me & hubby in Greece where we spent 4 weeks and I still got paid!

Having a doterra business means you can work from ANYWHERE! That trip you have been putting off because you couldn't get the time off? Not here, #havelaptopwilltravel


Fun Fact 1: I am also a professional mermaid!

Fun Fact 1: I am also a professional mermaid (well I was before the world changed) Having a doterra business allows the time freedom to pursue your passions. What are you passionate about?

I launched Metro Merfolk a merfolk community that welcomes all mer people and tailswimming academy.

I also launched MerMagic Con the worlds largest mermaid convention.

If you ever wanna try it out, I have plenty of tails for us to splash around in!


Fun Fact 2: I got married at a Scottish Castle

Fun Fact 2: Eric & I had a traditional Celtic Handfasting wedding ceremony at Kellie Castle in Fife, Scotland. It was absolutely the most magical day of my life and I got to live out my Disney Princess dreams👑