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Experience an EO Study!

Participants get to receive a customized complementary trial kit of oils based on their personal wellness needs. Then Embark on a hand on week of robust education and fun and prizes! 

Use the calendar here to book your mini-consult today so we can get your customized kit sent out to you.

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Ready to learn about Essential Oils? Come to our weekly class Thursdays at 8:30pmEST

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or.... Join our 7 day Wellness Bootcamp.

  • Learn how to use powerful natural solutions

  • Build healthy habits the create results!

  • Connect with a like minded wellness community 

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  • Benefits of Joining the Session

    As you know there are numerous benefits of Essential Oils. We ensure that you are consistent and using the best oils for your needs to get powerful results!

    • Get your focus back

    • Improve your breathing

    • Reduce the stress in your everyday life

    • Feel energetic all the time

    • Get important work done more efficiently 

    • Improve the vital signs of your body

    Get Back To Your Self-Care Routine Today

    This is the perfect opportunity for someone to get back to a healthy lifestyle if they got out of the habit or just overwhelmed with the pandemic. This is the opportunity that will enable you to de-stress and focus on your personal wellness habits.

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    Mind & Mood 

    Healthy Habits


    7 Simple Steps To using essential oils!

    You can learn to master the use of essential oils easily from home! Provide your email and I will send you an ebook to get you started on your wellness journey!


    I have a rather tempermental digestive system so I love having Digestzen, Terrazyme, & PB Assist to keep my tum tum happy!

    – Olivia P

    I have dealt with a lot of knee discomfort over the years but that Deep Blue Rub & Turmeric Capsules really help keep the inflammation managed

    – Eric M

    I was dealing with so much stress and that Adaptiv, Balance, & Copaiba are little bottles of stress relieving plant magic!

    – Sarah J